Thursday, 26 June 2014


You don't do anything fast. Not in this heat. The cicadas are rasping away in the trees and the temperature, offering a threatening harbinger of weeks to come, touched 40ºC for the first time yesterday and, boy, was I glad to be out on the ocean doing a "Bay to Bay" swimming cruise on the vessel "Lindos".

The "Lindos" awaits us below

Lindos Acropolis shrinks behind us as we head north for the first stop in Haraki Bay

Yesterday's was an interesting cruise to say the least. Of the 40 guests I had on the coach, more than half were Italians, the rest were French, there were four Germans and one British couple. Not a lot of hope of communicating with the Italians then, save for the fact that their Tour operator was savvy enough to supply a rep (Martina - hi Martina!! You're the bizz, by the way) along with them too, yippee! It's funny, but you get used to knowing which nationalities will usually understand English and which ones will pose potential problems. In my experience every Scandinavian speaks my mother tongue probably better than wot I do. When I've dealt with Russians the same applies - if they're under 40. Germans usually the same. Fortunately, I do speak French, although more often than not it comes out as Freek these days, but the French guests usually see the funny side, thank goodness. Italians, by and large, nope, no English. They do, though, make up for this by an enduring bonhomie and they smile a lot too.

So, after an exhausting day of swimming in various beautiful bays and lunch in Grigori's Taverna at Stegna, I was collected at the roadside by my dearly-beloved who declared that the car had told her moments before that the temperature had crested the 40 mark (104 in the old money, ...or you're American!) for the first time this year. 

Air-con in a vehicle is wonderful, yes. The problem is that you have to get out. each time I see guests off the bus after an excursion it feels like I've just stepped into the oven as I graciously descend the steps to assist where necessary any guests who may have trouble getting off. of course, there's always the chance that a little courtesy will elicit some appreciation on the form of a small monetary contribution pressed into my sweaty palm as they leave and I wish them a fab remainder of their holiday. My hopes are usually dashed in that department. People just don't tip like they used to, ah well.

I was in Rhodes Town on Tuesday, so I thought you may like to see these...

Too small that pool, couldn't get more than one stroke done before I reached the other side.

Actually, one very nice gentleman (British, sometimes I'm proud to admit!!) did leave a ten Euro note in the driver's little dish (They usually share a bit with us escorts) and another gave me a five Euro note as he left the coach as we said goodbye after that trip, so occasionally I'm pleasantly surprised. 

Anyway, we're off to Athens this very afternoon for the first visit (on my part anyway) for a staggering 32 years. We're making a flying visit (only a "short" hour by plane from Rhodes) and will be back home late on Sunday evening; so, rest assured, my impressions on how much the city has changed in the three decades since I last trod her pavements will follow some time next week. Photographic evidence will also be involved I shouldn't wonder.

Got to go now, need another outdoor shower before togging up for the trip. Only my third shower so far today...phew. 

I'm walking outside slowly. You don't do anything fast, not in this heat.

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