Saturday, 17 May 2014

Shot Away

Here's another of those virtually all-photo posts. I know how much you like 'em!! 

I just whipped out the old digital camera and shot away...

A Naxos doorway.

Rhodes harbour, May 12th.


The newly completed boardwalk that enables pedestrians to now walk all the way from the Commercial Harbour to the town without risking losing an ear to a passing truck or coach!!

An Old Town backwater.

St. George Beach, Naxos.
My wife says this looks like a toy boat!! But look carefully and you'll see the boatman's cap and the top of his back just behind the cabin.

Mandraki from the outside!
Still haven't been able to sit down and complete the Naxos "summary". But I'll get there. Somebody buy me a round tuit. I need to get a round tuit.

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