Thursday, 3 April 2014

Step On Up - Smell the Roses

Well, hard-working George has almost finished the alterations to the entrance to the Pelican's Nest down on the beach road here in Kiotari and he's making a mighty fine job of it. See if you agree...

The mill stone on the right mirrors one on the left, which isn't quite as easily seen in this shot as it's also not yet been cleaned up to match the other one in colour and texture, but the steps - as you can see above - are finished and looking splendid. He's just got to tidy up the terrace then and it'll be open well in time for the first clutch of holidaymakers who'll arrive in Kiotari for their Rhodean break in just a few weeks' time.

Everywhere we walk at the moment we're confronted with a staggering array of wild flowers and it's probably the best they've ever been since we moved out here in 2005. There are thousands of white and pink rock-roses all across the hillsides, plus a wonderful scattering of flowering purple sage, the aroma of which makes your mouth water as you brush past it. 

There is French Lavender in abundance and the scarlet poppies are still putting on a blousy display too, plus the margaritas are just coming to their peak, adding the "cheesecake" effect to the meadows.

The photos below don't really do this miraculous natural display justice, but I had a go...

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