Saturday, 8 February 2014

A Plethora of Photographs

This time I've decided to go mad with piccies, as I've been snapping away this past few weeks and I'm quite sure that lots of readers out there will be just cock-a-hoop to get a look at some of these scenes of Rhodes in winter time. So, here goes folks. Some will carry explanatory captions, some won't. 

Don't forget too, as always, if you're using the right browser, you can click on any pic to get a larger view, then when that opens right click to get an even larger one. (I spoil you sometimes)

Off we go then, 22 pics below...

This is just up the valley from the Old Italian bridge, just north of Kalathos. Usually a car can negotiate this crossing and drive further up, where there's a beautiful gorge to easily rival Cheddar in the UK. It's a wonderful walk. This shot shows though that this winter has been pretty wet, despite all the bright sunny days. There was no way I was going to risk crossing this in the car!!

They've spruced up this olive mill in Arhangelos, happily. It's now looking decidedly pretty and hopefully the tourists will come this season as it's advertising itself with this snazzy new sign.

Down the lane from the Nikolas Taverna in Pefkos. A bright February day and the cherry blossom is at its best. As, of course, is my better half.

Just metres from the mini-golf at Lardos, on the Pefkos road. Attractive looking tree or what?

Just a nice little study not far from Lardos.

Lindos, February 7th.

Anyone who's visited Lindos will have seen this bronze bust in the main square. It's actually a local politician, Ioannis Zigdis, but we've had fun telling UK visitors sometimes that it's the great comedian Eric Morecambe, who we've alleged had a love affair with Lindos. All total rubbish, of course!

A Lindos study

Not your usual resident of this "garage", but the donkeys are on their winter sabbatical of course.

Visitors during the season may be quite surprised at how many local vehicles cram the square area during winter time.

Just up the road from the Ziakis Hotel, a view across Pefkos.

New arrival for two mules in a field just below the Nikolas Taverna, Pefkos. Least I'm pretty sure they're mules. Someone will correct me if I'm wrong! see below...

That's mum to the right.

We were very sad to find this little chap, quite dead, in the garden the other morning. He is a Siskin. They often spend the winter here in quite large flocks. No marks on him told us how he died though. The better half wanted to give him a decent burial and was quite upset when I told her I'd thrown him into the bushes. But I assured her that it was best for nature to take over. Dunno if she bought that though!

Glystra Beach. It gets quite a major clean-up before the season starts, as anyone visiting during the summer will realize.

Glystra again, same day, moments later.

A naughty lunch of crèpes with Nutella and vanilla ice cream at our favourite cafe in Arhangelos, the new Greco Cafe. There was almost half a jar of Nutella in each of those babies!!!

This is the next door neighbour of a friend in Arhangelos' mother-in-law (got that?) In fact the friend is Manolis, the "six million Drachma man" referred to in chapter 13 of "Moussaka to My Ears"). This lady's obviously still in possession of a husband, because she's not wearing black. The photo was taken in an outdoor "avli" (courtyard) many of which have makeshift kitchens in them in older village houses, as well as outdoor lavatories.

Arhangelos Kafeneion.

Lindos graves, on the hill near the Oasis Taverna (also known as Rocko's).
Well, there you go folks. Hope you like 'em.

Just added a few more here (I'd forgotten them!!)


  1. Very good John. Just makes us both realise why we enjoy Rhodes so much. Keep up the good work. Andy and Julie.

  2. Lovely photos. It is a shame that we can't get to Rhodes in the winter months directly from our regional airports! On the plus side
    we are looking forward to visiting in May xxx


  3. Great photos John - really enjoyed looking at them.
    Steve W (Hull)