Tuesday, 21 January 2014

A feast of Photos

Don't forget to click on any image to get a larger view. 
There are views of Pefkos toward the bottom too.

Gazanias lapping up the sunshine on top of the air-con unit outside the house

The path through to the front at Haraki, January 2014

Olive Grove, Malona Road from Arhangelos crossroads

As above


Just outside Malona village. This is what the summer visitor never gets to see. In this area there are acres of such trees and it's a joy to go among them in January.

Just over Pefkos "top" going toward Psaltos (Navarone) Bay. Gateway to the path leading up to newly refurbished "Profitis Ilias" church. They're usually called Prophet Elijah, since any handy crag reminds the church traditionalists of the Bible account of Elijah being taken up in the Chariot. Don't go much on all the tradition stuff myself, but the locations are always worth a visit and the little churches at least look pretty and photogenic!
You need to be pretty fit to make the climb.

Still going up...

Looking down at my better half whilst still going up!

Almost at the top and the views across Pefkos are great. The bright sunny day was fast turning into a heavily clouded afternoon by this time.

Looking the other way, across Psaltos.

Icing sugar anyone?

The glorious view of Pefkos from the summit.

Blended two photos together for this one. You can see Lardos Beach and Kiotari.

The church is nothing if not nationalistic. Still, at least you know which country you're in!

Yes, I do concede, very fetching as a subject for a photo though.


  1. John. We were amongst those very trees on that corner last week picking oranges for juicing. A bit shart, but hey they are free.
    Also the clementines for eating. Sweet

  2. Good Photos....at least you can do the climbing in cooler weather....there are lots of place on Rhodes that I would like to visit...but as I only get two weeks holiday in the sun...I just like to relax...one day perhaps...when I dont have to work anymore..
    From Linda Goodey

    1. Yes, Linda, I know where you're coming from. In the post from October 2013 "The Reluctant Mountaineer" I describe the walk up to the Kastro above the harbour at Halki. Even though it was October it was still a hot and sweaty walk. Making such climbs in the heat of the summer isn't everyone's glass of Ouzo, eh?

    2. Actually having said that...we make a point every year to walk from Vlicha to Lindos. The walk takes us past the bottom of Lindos Mare and Lindos Blu and up the track where the beehives are and eventually we get up to the main road...and then walk to town...stopping off to look at the acropolis of course....it is very very hot work in September...but well worth the exercise....and cheaper than a taxi of course.

  3. Climbed up to the little church last May, and I'm not that fit being overweight and an asthmatic. But maybe that's not what your caption meant! Great photos, as ever.