Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The Road Goes Ever On...

As I do tend to make the claim to be an aging hippy, I of course have read The Lord of The Rings several times, not to mention The Hobbit. Thus, friends, any time I find myself in a bucolic beauty spot (No, bucolic doesn't mean you need to reach for the Gaviscon. Look it up. See, you become more araldite by reading my blog [and yes I was joking when I typed "araldite" before you start correcting me. Honestly, some people are sooo slow, and not too erudite either!!]) ...anyway, where was I? Oh yes, any time I find myself in a distinctly rural setting (see, now you don't have to look "bucolic" up) I tend to imagine scenes from the aforementioned books.

So, the reason why I brought Tolkein up in the first place? Doing a new excursion every week to Seven Springs (Epta Piges, επτά πιγές) every Tuesday, I'm kind of given the feeling that I'm one of the "Fellowship of the Ring" each time I lead my trusty band of guests up the winding path from the road to the grove in the forest that is Seven Springs. 

At the risk of boring anyone out there who's done it and got the t-shirt, or perhaps even stroked the python, there may be some reading this who'd quite like to see what the place is like. Firstly, it is beautiful. Secondly, if anyone can pinpoint where the actual seven springs are they'd definitely score a few brownie points with me.

Not that it really matters. There is at least one spring, a fact made evident by the beautifully clear, refreshing water that flows through the valley immediately below the "Restaurant in the Forest Grove". Take a look at their own web site, which is a bit basic, but quite informative, with quite a few pages bearing explanations and photos. Then, friends, cop a load of these (some of the photos below already appeared in the previous post too)...

Plenty of paddlers here. Understandably, given the temperatures in August, even in the shade of the trees.

Not a bad place to eat a meal.

The tunnel's 183 metres long. This is the way in.

So's this.

And this is the exit at the other end.

So's this!

Across the lake from the tunnel's exit. the lake is fuller during winter time.

If you're thinking of going, this is probably the best shot of the map at the restaurant that you'll find. The only other two I found on line were illegible. Click on it then "save image" (right click) and you can print it out.

Leaving the Shire...

To reach the grove from the road, all this series of photos shows you the path one has to follow. If you arrive in a car, you can, however, drive up a concrete lane to a parking area.

This is part of the ruin of an old mill. Just discernible on the map above, right down at the bottom left.

Just a few more metres to the road. These shots were taken during the walk back down.

The 2-D photo is deceptive. It's quite a drop.

The entire walk, whilst looking formidable in the photos, is only about 5 to 10 minutes and is easily manageable for anyone with two legs. In fact, one of my guests had a prosthetic one yesterday and he made it!!

Finally, as we passed Lindos on our way to Butterfly Valley and Seven Springs, I shot this through the front window of the coach. 

Honestly, the traffic, even at this time of the morning!!


  1. If only it were really, really hot here I could appreciate the photos for the cool shade portrayed. Sadly, it's not! Nice read, though how did Adolf Hitler put on so much weight during the short walk through the tunnel.

    1. Well, that's a "nazi" thing to say about the poor guy. I was wondering rather which hair dye he used.

  2. I expect it's Grecian 2000.


  3. Hello John

    Which character would you be and from which book?
    I have been to Seven Springs a couple of times in the past and am looking forward to visiting again next May.

    Love from

    1. Good question, I think I'd rather like to be the keeper of the inn at Bree!!