Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Shooting Deer and Smashing Scenery

No animals were harmed in the making of this post. The deer were shot with a camera...

Tuesday February 5th at 3.00pm, just a few metres from the road near the Proton Store (Billy's) in Kiotari. There were seven deer in the herd, but one was behind the tree when I "shot" them.

Sunset on Monday February 4th.

A lot of people ask me about the dried-up river beds during the season. Here's one in wintertime folks.

Most olive groves look wonderful in winter, with the sunlight throwing shadowy stripes across a lush green carpet.

As above

The beach at northern Kiotari, across the road from where Dimitri runs his horse-riding business in summer. Cornwall or Kiotari?

Same spot. The beloved washes out a 500ml Amstel bottle she's just found. That's 14 cents back next time we're at AB (supermarket). We decided not to take a dip today!!


  1. Great to see yet more photos John. Does anyone surf in the 'wavey' season? May have been too chilly for a swim but I note you're not wearing coats!

  2. Surfing would be a bit risky along this stretch of beach, as there are rocks a little way out from the shore. No problem in summer when the water's so calm and clear, but a couple of guys got into trouble and one of them died last year because they thought a swim was a good idea not far along the shore from this spot. See this post:

    Coat? What's that then?

  3. Oh yes, I'd forgotten about that unfortunate incident. As for a coat, in this part of the world it's a kind of second skin we grow during the winter, and sometimes keep during summer, months!

  4. Love the resourcefulness of your good lady wife, and 14 cents is 14 cents, soon mounts up, and tidies the beach at the sametime, can identify with that practice. Great photos as always and great to see how the lovely island is out of season