Monday, 7 January 2013

One Sunday Morning (well, and the Thursday before)

It's a trusty camera post this time folks...

(Don't forget, for a larger view, click on any image. When it opens in a new window, you can then right-click and select "View Image" to see it even bigger)

Thursday 3rd Jan. Kiotari. About midday. 18ºC

Also as above time and place-wise, but in summer the tourist never gets to see this stream flowing across the beach.

Once again, Thursday 3rd Jan at Kiotari. A simply beautiful day.

Pefkos. This little band of cats walked towards us as one. They must be family, eh?

Midday, Sunday January 6th. Just down the valley from our home. We love seeing the stonechats as they so remind us of coastal walks along the Glamorgan Heritage Coast and on Gower.

Yea, well, birds are supposed to be in the trees, but...

Also Sunday 6th Jan. This is just to show how green much of the countryside on Rhodes can be during winter time.

Down near Plimiri. This time of year wouldn't be complete without the newborn baa-lambs. All together now, "Aaaaaaah."

The wild anemonies are everywhere at this time of year. They come in many colours, but in this field they were mainly pink and white. Nevertheless, they're beautiful, don't you agree?

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  1. Thanks for the link John. Just placed an order for the book :)

    Rhodes looks wonderful in January. We actually managed one solitary day of blue sky here during the entire Xmas break, New Years Day - went for a good long stroll to Apple Tree at Shoscombe for lunch.


  2. Are the beach pics next to Paralia?
    It looks very much like spring to me! I was amused by the weather article in Rodiaki entitled 'deteriorating weather in Rhodes' and subtitled cold and frost.......Temperatures quoted were the same as here and we have been remarking on how mild it is!

    1. Yes, right near the Paralia. Actually we're probably going to have the coldest week of the winter this coming few days, with temperatures even given in single figures for tomorrow and Wednesday, with 3 or 4 at night. But warming up again after that. Mind you, enjoyed a coffee in the sun out on the terrace this morning anyway!!

  3. hi John . We probably passed you on Sunday. Being down that way, we phoned to see if you were at home.
    We had lunch @ Chrissy's Taverna in Lahania.
    Also book one of the rooms for 2 nights in February

    1. Yea, as usual Trev, busy, busy, busy!! Was it a good lunch?

  4. John, yes it was.
    Plate after plate of food arrived till we were full up
    Together with half caraf of home made wine bill was €24

  5. Great photos John. Great to see the Rhodes that we 'tourists' never get to see through the 'winter' months.
    Happy new year to you.
    Steve W (Hull)

    1. Thanks Steve, nice to hear from you. Greetings returned, of course.