Tuesday, 23 October 2012

A Stopgap Measure

In no particular order, here are a few recent shots for your delectation and delight. What with having been away and stuff, I haven't had time to sit and write much of late. So, as a stopgap measure...

A doorway in Pothia, Kalymnos that took my fancy • Oct 18th, 10.00am

Two friendly local guys, playing "Tavli" [backgammon] in a traditional cafenion at Panormos, Kalymnos, same day, but 11.20am

Sunrise over Pothia Harbour, Kalymnos • Oct 19th at 7.30am

View up into the mountains from Masouri, Kalymnos • Oct 19th, 12.20pm. Looks almost Canarian doesn't it?

Now this was really amazing!! That's Adonis, Captain of the Magellanos, the boat I worked on all summer. Here we were having a coffee and cake in Pothia Harbour, in preparation for our journey back to Rhodes, when who should arrive but my old mate Adonis!! He's such a nice bloke that he even secretly paid our bill so we couldn't protest • Oct 21st, 11.50am

Locals playing dominoes at Gennadi, Rhodes • October 14th, 2.20pm

I mentioned in a previous post, "Whacky Snaps", about where we see tree frogs, like under the canopy on the terrace at our friends' house near Gennadi. Well, here's the proof! These were above head height up the wall. See the pic below too. What's neat is that each frog is a different colour • Oct 14th 2.15pm

See caption above
A new post will hopefully appear before long!!
(Apologies about why pic no. 1 won't open in a larger window. Beats me!!)


  1. Lovely photo's I have only seen Kalymnos from the ferry to Patmos, it looks rather nice and I would like to visit in the future. Yvonne-Marie looks very glamorous. I loved the frogs!

    I am in the process of getting a copy of the Poirot DVD "Triangle In Rhodes" for you.


    1. It's well worth a visit Annette. We shall be doing ti again some time.Re the DVD, you're a trezsh!!

  2. The Poirot "Triangle From Rhodes" was on ITV3 last night, which was a spooky coincidence!!


  3. We stayed at a place called Myrties on Kalymnos once where the sun set over a rock just off the beach that the locals called the sleeping princess as the profile was like a face.

    Every morning, granny would have the octopus stew on early and slow cook it throughout the day having thrown a bottle of Metaxa into the cauldron to "help the flavour". It was truly amazing!

    A wonderful lady, she would wait for a certain English tourist to come down for breakfast and greet her in his best greek, "kalamares".

    She laughed almost fit to bursting and no-one explained it to this guy until the end of the holiday.

    Priceless! Truly a wondeful island. Thanks for the reminder John.

    1. So, ah, you know this guy then Andy?

      Yes we know Myrties, having walked there from Pothia, in fact - past Myrties to Masouri!! Thought we'd do it easily in an hour. In fact it took us nearly two!! Mind you, had we not done it, you wouldn't have seen that pic of the old guys playing backgammon above.

  4. Great pictures, as always. Really loved the frogs. Two of my husband's aunts have homes on Kalymnos and live there half the year. We were fortunate enough to visit for 10 days a few years ago and had a wonderful time..also visited Telendos and Patmos. Next time we're there, Rhodes is definitely on our itinerary, however. Can't wait to visit all the places you write about.