Friday, 24 August 2012

Odds 'n' Shots

A few images snapped recently, for your delectation and delight (well, hopefully!!)...

(some of these are taken with my steam-driven mobile phone. So apologies for the substandard resolution on those)

A remarkable woman and her daughters. Ilsa McKee, left, is 90 years old. She was a SCUBA diver until very recently. She and her late husband discovered the remains of Henry VIII's flagship the "Mary Rose" and are much celebrated for having done so. She even played Badminton until her knee started giving her problems quite recently. On one of my "Lazy Day" Cruises aboard the Magellanos she showed us a thing or two by jumping in at every swim-stop. When I expressed my concerns on seeing her about to take the plunge, one of her daughters told me: "Oh she'll be all right. She's more comfortable in the water than on dry land". She still goes swimming off the shore at Hayling Island (UK) where she lives.

Yours truly hard at work

This is where I sat whilst writing the post about the wind. The "Bottoms UP" Bar at Haraki, where else?

Chef Tommy's Taverna at Haraki. Not eaten there yet, but it's on the "to do" list

Top end of Kalathos Bay, just south of Haraki

A Halki mood from last Friday, August 17th


These studios are at the back of Halki Harbour. Just the kind of place I'd be looking for if I were island-hopping. I took this in case any reader may like to take a note of the phone number.

And this is the entrance to the "Traditional House of Halki" (Note the use of the "C" on the signs, just to confuse the hapless British tourist into saying "chalki", like the stuff you use to write on blackboards!!). Remember, it's Hal'key!


  1. Hey John, that photo of Marcos Studios is in Halki, not Haraki! Nice shots though....

  2. Kat Andrews aka ouzopower26 August 2012 at 11:58

    can recommend the cheese balls at chef tommys taverna in Charaki, well everything was very nice but they were just fantastic. Look forward to hearing your views

  3. John, I love the top photo -the thought of a 90 year old jumping into the sea at every opportunity is story enough but the linkage to the Mary Rose, one of the biggest news stories of my formative teenage years, makes it even more amazing.


    1. Yea, I knew there'd be those out there who'd remember. I for one sat and watched the TV on the day when they announced the discovery and also when they lifted her from the bottom. Ilsa also came with me to Halki and she told me much of her story over lunch at Babis Taverna. She's written a book called "Tomorrow the World" which is still available through Amazon. Her amazing story of getting out of East Germany around 1950 and how she came to marry her British husband is a movie waiting to be made.