Saturday, 23 June 2012

It's Photo Time!!

Just a selection of photos taken during the past few weeks to hopefully whet your appetite for a bit of Rhodean sunshine soon...

OK, so it's handy to have friends with fast boats!! Here's our "landlord" John about to put "Cast No Shadow" through her paces to see if Ron's hat will fly off!! She'll do over 60 knots this baby.

John's slightly mad, as can be seen from the fact that he let me at the controls for a couple of minutes!

Check out my "Friends of Pefkos" comments about this one

View from the stern of the Magellanos whilst anchored off Stegna on our Lazy Day Cruise

Another Magellanos moment. Boy do I work hard!

Taken at the Il Porto Bar/restaurant on Kiotari waterfront. It's run by Anastacia, who's very nice. It's right nextdoor to the Pelican's Nest. Il Porto used to be called "To Steki", by the way, which means "local hangout" or near equivalent. There's no exact British phrase to equate it to.

Lunch at Babis, on Halki, Friday June 22nd. Still working my socks off as you can see.


The toilets are upstairs at the Babis. Worth a visit just for this view really.
Usual routine. Click on any photo for a larger view.


  1. John, I didn't realise you were doing Halki again this year. We intend going back but are currently thinking of going via Dodekanisos Seaways from Rhodes Town this year to maximise time on Halki, plus can't stand another butterfly trip!!



    1. Dave, check out the details about the Fedon on my "Nearby Islands" page under "Halki". She does it in 35 mins and it's ten Euros each way. She leaves early and gets there fast, thus giving you lots of time over on Halki. One of my correspondents posted her impressions as a comment at the bottom of the page. Look for the one posted 24th June and signed "Porridge Oats". It's not at the bottom though.

  2. John, Fedon sounds good but the attraction of Dodekanisos for us is sailings from Rhodes Town which means we don't have to worry about getting down to Kamiros Skala (or more to the point, have the worry of watching what I drink so I can drive us all back later!).

    We'll see how the mood takes us - we may even crop up on one of your tours again.