Friday, 25 May 2012

The Ex-Pat Blog

Scroll down the left hand column and you'll see a link under the heading "Check This Out" to the appropriately named "Ex-Pat Blog", a fascinating and useful site for those seriously interested in living abroad. they've kindly added my blog to their database and asked if I'd flag them up for my readers, which I'm very happy to do. Julien, who runs the site, has supplied me with the following information: is a participative website dedicated to expatriates and their experiences abroad: everyday life, formalities, visas, education, cost of living… It deals with all the important subjects for expatriates and those about to live in another country.

A few figures
• 420,000+ members, located in 206 countries and 400 big cities
• They receive and help more than 1.8 million visitors per month on the website

When the project was begun, 7 years ago, the initial idea was to gather all expats' blogs around the world on one unique platform. Little by little, new participative features have been added: a forum, guides, pictures, classifieds... The latest ones are a Jobs section and a Housing section.

These brand new sections can help potential expats to settle down in Greece and expats who would like to find a new house or explore new job opportunities.

You can get to the Greek info on the site,
if you'd like to take a look, by clicking 
on this logo too:


  1. Useful link John, thanks. Will email you both soon! And call your 'landlady'


    1. Just signed up too!