Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Creative Marketing

Aha!! Now I think I know where the expression "getting a bit fruity" comes from...

Mind you, maybe I misjudge the man. Perhaps he really thinks that's how you spell "sacks" and he's telling punters that they can't just whip a few plastic bags without buying any of his merchandise. After all, the Greeks do use the word "sakoula" to describe a plastic shopping bag.

After all, I always used to think that "sex" was what posh people had their coal delivered in: "You may empty the sex into that receptacle over there my man, thenkeeouu!" 
(Lady Penelope voice required for that to work!)


  1. Brilliant!
    Tho' I think he means, if you don't have any fruit you don't get your six a day, (or is it 5 a day we are supposed to have)


  2. Let me see now, "No fruit, no five." Uhmmmm, not the same ring to it is there?!