Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Couple of Snaps and a Video in Rhodes Town

 Right outside and across the road from the Mediterranean Hotel, January 3rd at around midday.

 Ditto as above for the location.

 As this picture shows, Rhodes Town is anything but dead at this time of the year!

 After a lazy time shopping, we partook of lunch at the Pueblo de Cafe at the top end of town. I had a delicious Ciabbata with salad & melted cheese filling, her indoors shared a veggie club sandwich with Janet and Ron chose a chicken Ciabbata - all of which was delicious. I ordered a cup of tea, which came as hot water in a glass, accompanied by a tea bag of Green Tea and with a small sachet of honey on the side. Flippin' great, I loved it!! Above us was this beautiful orange tree, resplendently dressed in its brightly coloured fruit, sadly too high for us to filch any!

Returning to the car, which was parked right outside the Mediterranean Hotel, there were these guys playing bat and ball, one of whom was only wearing swim shorts. When we'd arrived there were quite a few swimmers, maybe he was one of them (He's the furthest player away in the video below, although he's not very clear. One has to reduce the resolution on these videos drastically to get them to upload). The girls declared that he must be freezing, trussed up as we were in sweatshirts and jackets. Mind you, we'd taken the jackets off when drinking frappes at the "Courthouse" Cafe in Mandraki, it was sweltering in the sun! Anyway, to that video...

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