Thursday, 11 August 2011

Cats and Corners

I was in town on Tuesday with some guests from Lindos & Pefkos and, since I knew I'd have some hours to kill, I took the trusty camera along with me. Wandering into the old town I started turning down any small side street that took my fancy and was amazed to find that, merely feet away from the throngs, there were totally deserted and enchanting back streets that, from the total lack of scantily clad bodies, could easily have deceived me into thinking that it was more likely January, rather than the second week of August - apart from the temperature of course. Even the sounds of tourism disappeared just a few yards down these warren-like walkways, some of which were so narrow that even a moped would have needed to grease its rider's legs with Vaseline to get through - or so it seemed.

Of course I began snapping away and, on reviewing the photos and discarding a few as I went, began to notice that, quite without intention, I was snapping photos with a cat or cats in them. Thus the title of this post. Of course, once I'd realized that the cats were featuring here and there, I sought one out, as you'll see below.

The only thing in some of these photos that reminds one of the fact that we're in the modern day is the ubiquitous motorbike or scooter, which unfortunately are a fact of life in any Greek scene today. Don't suppose you can blame the owners in many cases, since a car would certainly be out of the question, given the narrowness of the residential "streets" in which I was wandering.

So, here, hopefully for your delectation and delight, are some "off the beaten track, but only by a few feet" moods of the Old Town in August (plus an errant one of a fruit and veg seller right next to the taxi park in Mandraki who just took my fancy!)...

As usual, clicking on any of the above will open it in a larger view


  1. Love it everytime we come to Rhodes Town always wander away from main streets .Thanks John for blog on this ,,,,Wish i was there Know !!! ...Nige Sparks

  2. when we go to the old town,we always go in the opposite direction to everyone, it works a treat, so quiet and peaceful. Brilliant pictures too btw

  3. Forgive my ignorance, but what DOES btw stand for? Sorry I'm a bit of an old fart when it comes to this new electro-speak!!

  4. Ah, right. All makes sense now, lol!!!